terça-feira, janeiro 10, 2012

New years eve !

Heey you guys !!
So I might be a little late, but here's my reveillon's outfit.

Have a great 2012 !!


MG .

segunda-feira, dezembro 05, 2011

New bandana :D

My pin up inspiration ! Just got this new bandana to add to my collection .

What do you guys think ?


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quinta-feira, novembro 10, 2011

Life can be great !

Hey guys !!
I am sooo sorry I havent posted anything in such a long time but well, here it goes !!

I went out with my mom and dad and here's my outfit for the night !

I wore a Zara blezer
Pepe Jeans top
HandM shorts
Aldo Shoes

Hope you guys like it !!


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segunda-feira, setembro 12, 2011

New friends

A very important part of SW for me, was the people I met and the memories I'll have forever . The moments I had with my friends, will be talked about for an eternity !

So for everyone that I met, I love you all, You were amazing !!

Stay tuned

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quarta-feira, setembro 07, 2011

Miss doolittle and The Destroyer

So here we have a couple of pictures . The first one is from the lead singer of a relly cool band called "Destroyer" . He was kind of drunk but he was awesome . And below is Eliza Doolittle . She is adorable and has an amazing voice ! Loved her show !

Stay tuned,

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domingo, setembro 04, 2011

Behance Network - Lx Models

Just a quick post to share a new project !


Check it out ;)

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