segunda-feira, dezembro 05, 2011

New bandana :D

My pin up inspiration ! Just got this new bandana to add to my collection .

What do you guys think ?


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quinta-feira, novembro 10, 2011

Life can be great !

Hey guys !!
I am sooo sorry I havent posted anything in such a long time but well, here it goes !!

I went out with my mom and dad and here's my outfit for the night !

I wore a Zara blezer
Pepe Jeans top
HandM shorts
Aldo Shoes

Hope you guys like it !!


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segunda-feira, setembro 12, 2011

New friends

A very important part of SW for me, was the people I met and the memories I'll have forever . The moments I had with my friends, will be talked about for an eternity !

So for everyone that I met, I love you all, You were amazing !!

Stay tuned

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quarta-feira, setembro 07, 2011

Miss doolittle and The Destroyer

So here we have a couple of pictures . The first one is from the lead singer of a relly cool band called "Destroyer" . He was kind of drunk but he was awesome . And below is Eliza Doolittle . She is adorable and has an amazing voice ! Loved her show !

Stay tuned,

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domingo, setembro 04, 2011

Behance Network - Lx Models

Just a quick post to share a new project !

Check it out ;)

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sábado, setembro 03, 2011

Na na na naa, ehh ehhh, SNOOP DOGG !

So, on the third the day we went to the villa to go to the beach and do some shopping . I bought an adorable hand made top that I'm wearing on the picture ! It's awesoome and it can be worn on both sides . It's really cute .

After the beach and the shopping, we found this adorable musica café with pictures of musicians everywhere and a great vibe . Really cool .

That day was the Snoop Dogg concert !! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of him on stage :(

Anyways, stay tuned for more !

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domingo, agosto 28, 2011

A great view

Ok so here we are, (from right to left) Mj, me, Yara and Mónica .

On the picture underneath, I'm doing something weird as usual while drawing a lighter . And the last picture is from the view we had from our tent if we were laying down . It was pretty cool .

That day was really great, we saw Axwell live and it was AWESOMEE !

Stay tuned ;)

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sexta-feira, agosto 26, 2011

The "Canal"

So this was the famous canal on the sw camping . Radio Cidade FM was there all day long playing music nonstop for us !
We went there everyday even if it was just for a little while . Best thing ever .

That's me in the picture, obviously, trying to stay hydrated !

Stay tuned,

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domingo, agosto 14, 2011


Hey everyone !
I am sooo terribly sorry I haven't posted anything in such a long long time . But it is summer And I've been enjoying some crazy vacation !
I have been anxious to share it with all of you so I'll start posting a few pictures from the most amazing summer festival of ALL TIME ! South West TMN, in Zambujeira do Mar, Portugal .
So this was after we got there . Truth is, the journey there...Was absolutely terrible . The train was late, the bus was boring and old, the lines were endless and the search for a spot to camp was so tiring . But at the end of the day, it was worth it . I mean, just check it out...! Thousands of people did the exact same path . Stay tuned .
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segunda-feira, julho 11, 2011

Will you marry me ?

Check it out, this is, by far, the most beautiful bridal designer I have ever seen .

I am going to write an article about him to the portuguese bridal magazine, Luna . You can buy his dresses in Portugal, in licrisa .

Also, the rest of the collection:


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domingo, junho 26, 2011

T.G.I.F. !

My cousin and I went out for sushi and later hit the clubs !

Awesome night, really .

My dress is from H&M

Calzedonia stockings

Pull and Bear Stilletos

H&M blazer

quinta-feira, junho 09, 2011

Latest Photoshoot !

I absolutely loved doing this photoshoot and I totally felt like a princess !

A couple of my friends are saying that I look exactly like Keira Knightley so...what do you guys think ?


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quarta-feira, junho 08, 2011

The other one...

When the photographer says "Your boyfriend's coming here, this is Paris"

Thats what you get...!

sábado, junho 04, 2011

Chiado na Moda: Fashion Show

Hey guys !
This is from Chiado na Moda's fashion show . This a dress that I absolutely fell in love with by storytailors . The show was a blast, I worked, I had fun, I drank . It was amazing .

I was wearing high waisted navy shorts by Zara and a vintage top !

I'll post more pictures of the show soon..!


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Dress by: Storytailors

quarta-feira, junho 01, 2011

Nostalgic me

So I found these...from my birthday !

Basically my perfect friends bought me a cellphone EXACTLY like the one that was stolen from me a couple of weeks earlier at a club . And this is how I reacted when I saw it..!!

Thanks so much you guys, I love you all so much !

Bershka dress


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terça-feira, maio 31, 2011

Inspire me !

Is it love ? I'm not sure .
Is he perfect for me ? Of course .
No doubts there .

Tumblr picture

domingo, maio 29, 2011

Helping out a friend !

Hey everyone !

Just came by to share a really cool photography page a friend of mine started !

Please check it out, she's awesome !!


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sábado, maio 28, 2011

Yellow me, babe !

These are a couple of pics from a photoshoot I did two weeks ago . Hope you guys like it !!

domingo, maio 22, 2011

Chiado na Moda: Presentation party

My adored jumpsuit !

I wore this outfit to go to a presentation party for Chiado na Moda 2011 .
And with me is my adored friend Rita, wearing a vintage kimono inspired top with jeggings !

sábado, maio 07, 2011

Dinner Party

So last night I had Bea's Birthday dinner and after that we went out to Bairro Alto . Bea was soo drunk, you have no idea..!

Fashion was home last night, everybody went casual so no fashion Divas here !!

It was a great night guys, love you all !!

quinta-feira, maio 05, 2011

quarta-feira, maio 04, 2011

Daniela Ruah

Aqui vai, para Portugal e para a Daniela, que me deixa muito orgulhosa e esperançosa de ser Portuguesa !

MG .

Karlie Kloss

Total revelation of the year, opened shows like John Galliano and shines at the catwalk loving the fact that upthere, she's not herself and she can play dress up for a little while . Says at the fashion Tv interview"I have a really cool job, I can't wait to go to New York and do this full time!"

segunda-feira, maio 02, 2011

Pin me up

Hi there !!
Today I wore Zara jeggings,
Springfield Brigitte Bardot shirt
Zara shirt
Customized shoes by MEE

So here it is, a pin up inspired look that I adore so much ! Hpe you like it too !!


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