segunda-feira, setembro 12, 2011

New friends

A very important part of SW for me, was the people I met and the memories I'll have forever . The moments I had with my friends, will be talked about for an eternity !

So for everyone that I met, I love you all, You were amazing !!

Stay tuned

MG .

quarta-feira, setembro 07, 2011

Miss doolittle and The Destroyer

So here we have a couple of pictures . The first one is from the lead singer of a relly cool band called "Destroyer" . He was kind of drunk but he was awesome . And below is Eliza Doolittle . She is adorable and has an amazing voice ! Loved her show !

Stay tuned,

MG .

domingo, setembro 04, 2011

Behance Network - Lx Models

Just a quick post to share a new project !

Check it out ;)

MG .

sábado, setembro 03, 2011

Na na na naa, ehh ehhh, SNOOP DOGG !

So, on the third the day we went to the villa to go to the beach and do some shopping . I bought an adorable hand made top that I'm wearing on the picture ! It's awesoome and it can be worn on both sides . It's really cute .

After the beach and the shopping, we found this adorable musica café with pictures of musicians everywhere and a great vibe . Really cool .

That day was the Snoop Dogg concert !! Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of him on stage :(

Anyways, stay tuned for more !

MG .