domingo, junho 26, 2011

T.G.I.F. !

My cousin and I went out for sushi and later hit the clubs !

Awesome night, really .

My dress is from H&M

Calzedonia stockings

Pull and Bear Stilletos

H&M blazer

quinta-feira, junho 09, 2011

Latest Photoshoot !

I absolutely loved doing this photoshoot and I totally felt like a princess !

A couple of my friends are saying that I look exactly like Keira Knightley so...what do you guys think ?


MG .

quarta-feira, junho 08, 2011

The other one...

When the photographer says "Your boyfriend's coming here, this is Paris"

Thats what you get...!

sábado, junho 04, 2011

Chiado na Moda: Fashion Show

Hey guys !
This is from Chiado na Moda's fashion show . This a dress that I absolutely fell in love with by storytailors . The show was a blast, I worked, I had fun, I drank . It was amazing .

I was wearing high waisted navy shorts by Zara and a vintage top !

I'll post more pictures of the show soon..!


MG .

Dress by: Storytailors

quarta-feira, junho 01, 2011

Nostalgic me

So I found these...from my birthday !

Basically my perfect friends bought me a cellphone EXACTLY like the one that was stolen from me a couple of weeks earlier at a club . And this is how I reacted when I saw it..!!

Thanks so much you guys, I love you all so much !

Bershka dress


MG .