domingo, maio 23, 2010

So why is life so easy for some people but for me...
I just feel like shit all the time .
I can never be happy and it's really frustrating me . I don't get it..
Is there something wrong with me ?
All I want, is to understand the world, find out what I'm good at and meet the one I can't live without . Is that impossible ? For me...? Because, well, I'm getting so freaking tired of life .
And I'm scared . Scared to end up alone . I never felt so much anger about anything in my entire life .
My suposed best friend is actually a really crapy friend and she has it all and I'm a good person, at least most of the time and I...I just don't have anyone, nothing . Im alone and sad .
No one knows what I'm feeling because they don't want to know . My friends don't really care and my parents just want to disappear . And I just got my heart broken .
Again .

I'm just a girl with big dreams, not weird or crazy, just a little different,

Promise .

MG .

sábado, abril 17, 2010


So now you don't even talk to me .
I always thought you would understand...We wanted different things and that's why I broke up with you .
But you don't get it . You think that I'm doing everything I can to ruin your life . Well it's not always about you .
I want passion, romance . You want a boring, safe relationship .
I'm sorry, I don't want that .
I'm the crazy girl . That crazy psycho that sings in the middle of the street, that goes into the sea at midnight with my clothes on . And I want someone to do those things with me .
Your not that person .
So I'm sorry . I apologize for hurting you . And if I made you believe that we could work..? Well i'm sorry for that too . I wanted that . But we can't always get what we want .

I am so sorry . I really am .

MG .

sexta-feira, abril 16, 2010


I'm still clueless .
Still trying to figure it out . Me . Myself .
What I want, who I need .
Still waiting for the one . The one that will save me from my normality . Rescue me from my routine . He's there, and I know it .
Because I can feel it . But...who knows where ?
What if..
What if I meet him...and don't realise he's the one ? What if he walks right by my side and I don't see him...Don't notice him ?
What am I supposed to do, say..think ?
And if he's reading this right now...?
worst..what if he's reading it, and he doesn't feel it ?
Is that okay ? Is that allowed ?
I don't have a clue . I am absolutely clueless .

MG .

domingo, março 28, 2010


This is another Shenae Grimes inspired look, and I really love this one . I love these shoes and I have them in like five diferent colors !

Shenae is super cute and she pretty much rocks every look .
This is an example ! She would look amazing on it ;'D

So we have some skinny jeans(dark ones) with a yellow tank top; A little brown belt and a relly cute brown and yellow cardigan . And to finish, yellow vans !

This look is very practical and simple to pull off(I am saying that correctly ??) .

Hope you like it x')

MG .

Bluee passion

I noticed that i have a lot of good combinations here so I'm going to post a bunch of them today .
Sorry if my english is not good, I am not english ! x'D

So, I'm a total blue lover and I went shopping with some friends, and I bought something like this picture . It's a really adorable dress, Mine isn't exactly like this but it's the same style . I bought mine on H&M at a very reasonable price( That's a plus right ? ='D) and I bought the exact all stars wich look absolutely perfect with the dress, and the sunglasses are just very flattering . And I can't wear it without the cardigan yet :'( . No problem, it looks cool xD

I hope you like it !

MG .

Winter outfit

So this is an outfit inspired by Shenae Grimes and it's actually something I wear . This is my basic winter look .

Lots of leggings, cute dresses or tunics combined with UGG boots and scarves . It always works !

The purse is amazing and since it's a neutral color, works really well .

Hope you like it ;')

MG .