sábado, abril 17, 2010


So now you don't even talk to me .
I always thought you would understand...We wanted different things and that's why I broke up with you .
But you don't get it . You think that I'm doing everything I can to ruin your life . Well it's not always about you .
I want passion, romance . You want a boring, safe relationship .
I'm sorry, I don't want that .
I'm the crazy girl . That crazy psycho that sings in the middle of the street, that goes into the sea at midnight with my clothes on . And I want someone to do those things with me .
Your not that person .
So I'm sorry . I apologize for hurting you . And if I made you believe that we could work..? Well i'm sorry for that too . I wanted that . But we can't always get what we want .

I am so sorry . I really am .

MG .

sexta-feira, abril 16, 2010


I'm still clueless .
Still trying to figure it out . Me . Myself .
What I want, who I need .
Still waiting for the one . The one that will save me from my normality . Rescue me from my routine . He's there, and I know it .
Because I can feel it . But...who knows where ?
What if..
What if I meet him...and don't realise he's the one ? What if he walks right by my side and I don't see him...Don't notice him ?
What am I supposed to do, say..think ?
And if he's reading this right now...?
worst..what if he's reading it, and he doesn't feel it ?
Is that okay ? Is that allowed ?
I don't have a clue . I am absolutely clueless .

MG .