domingo, maio 23, 2010

So why is life so easy for some people but for me...
I just feel like shit all the time .
I can never be happy and it's really frustrating me . I don't get it..
Is there something wrong with me ?
All I want, is to understand the world, find out what I'm good at and meet the one I can't live without . Is that impossible ? For me...? Because, well, I'm getting so freaking tired of life .
And I'm scared . Scared to end up alone . I never felt so much anger about anything in my entire life .
My suposed best friend is actually a really crapy friend and she has it all and I'm a good person, at least most of the time and I...I just don't have anyone, nothing . Im alone and sad .
No one knows what I'm feeling because they don't want to know . My friends don't really care and my parents just want to disappear . And I just got my heart broken .
Again .

I'm just a girl with big dreams, not weird or crazy, just a little different,

Promise .

MG .

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